Park Holidays Case Study

"Pneuma is Efficient, Reliable & Customer-Focused."

Mike Procyshyn - IT Director


Park Holidays are the largest operator of holiday parks in the south of England, with over 25 parks stretching from Devon in the West, to Suffolk in the East. With a core staff of over 300 people, this number can expand to almost 1000 staff members in peak seasons. 

 The parks are open from 9am to 11pm, seven days a week and staff must be contactable at all times. Many of Park Holidays' staff are often on the road so mobile communication is vital both in terms of voice and remote access to back-end data.



“You deliver as per promises. A lot of people promise and don’t deliver. It has saved me or one of my people having to chase you to find out where things are. It just takes the pain away.”

                                   - Mike Procyshyn, IT Director


The key challenge was the complete lack of customer service from their previous mobile provider.  Park Holidays’ IT Director told us, “We had concerns with our existing mobile supplier. They were failing to deliver handsets on time, failing to give us any form of customer service. It was almost like we were forgotten goes down to good old fashioned customer service.“

This issue had led to complaints from staff about their mobile coverage and unnecessary support claims which created extra work for the IT support team. Getting assistance with trouble-shooting urgent issues was a key area of concern.

"I was used to hearing complaints about the previous mobile supplier, I don’t hear any complaints about Pneuma."

Mike Procyshyn - IT Director


We recognised that Park’s primary requirement was reliable customer service. Therefore when they agreed to switch to Pneuma we fully managed all aspects of the migration. We then introduced them to their dedicated Account Manager.


Whenever they have a support request they are now able to contact their Account Manager directly who processes the request for them. No more waiting on the line with service providers!

"The switch to Pneuma was painless... 

the whole switch went really easily." 

Mike Procyshyn - IT Director


We have:

| Ensured that all of Park Holiday’s employees are connected and offer reliable support so that, we can fix any problems quickly and efficiently.

| Our proactive account management has given the IT team peace of mind that if any of their users encounter a problem we will endeavour to ensure it is resolved quickly and efficiently.


We regularly communicate with Park to ensure they are aware of new developments.

| We've delivered fixed SLAs to ensure that we are able to deliver service as per our promises.


| When asked about the switch to Pneuma they told us it was, “painless...the whole switch went really easily.”


| When asked how they would describe our customer service Park told us it has been, “painless” and has “just worked as it should”.


| In a review Park Holidays told us that would recommend Pneuma Communications.


Our IT team are happy that if you say something is going to happen it happens, things are delivered as agreed. It is just working well.

I was used to hearing complaints about the previous mobile supplier, I don’t hear any complaints about Pneuma. As far as I’m concerned it is working very well.

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