From 1st October 2018 (as part of the Digital Economy Act 2017) Ofcom is requiring every mobile provider to give new and resigning business customers the opportunity to set a limit on their monthly bill spend before they start a contract. 

These limits are called 'Spend caps'. Spend caps limit the amount spent on out-of-bundle charges on a user's line. And chargeable usage outside of the end user's monthly allowance or a purchased bolt-on can be limited by a spend cap.


O2 will email the bill payer and text the end user when they have reached 50% of their spend cap, and again at 100%. Once the spend cap is reached (or if the spend cap is set to £0) an further out of bundle charges may not be possible. Therefore please note that if an end user uses their monthly allowance and any Bolt On allowance, any additional chargeable usage may be barred.


Spend caps are available to new or upgrading customers on all O2 tariffs ​except PAYU tariffs or tariffs with shared minutes or shared data which cannot be capped.  However it is important to note that on O2 these spend caps can only be added to a new connection or upgraded line connected after the 1st October 2018 . When opting-in to spend caps customers can choose the new spend cap options will be: No spend cap, £0, £5, £10, £15, £20, £30, £60, £100 or £200.

What if a user reaches their Spend Cap but want to make additional chargeable usage?

If a line has been opted-in to a spend cap but the end user reaches this allowance the spend cap can be amended. The bill payer (or the end user, if authorised by the bill payer) can contact O2 directly (8002 for free from their O2 mobile) or through O2's webchat on o2.co.uk or you can call us on 01707 648 070. This spend cap can be increased or removed (as long as the line was opted-in to a spend cap when the contract was signed). 

What does it mean if a customer chooses a £0 Spend Cap?

If the end user uses up their monthly allowance and any Bolt On allowance, any additional chargeable usage may be barred. The bill payer and the end user will receive a notification at the beginning of each billing cycle letting them know that the Bill Spend cap is £0.  

How often can customers change their Spend Cap?

Only the bill payer can amend, remove or add a Spend Cap unless the end user is authorised by the bill payer to do so. Once a day, the bill payer (or the end user, if authorised by the bill payer) can add, remove, increase, or reduce, their Spend Cap at any point by calling O2 customer service (8002 for free from their O2 mobile, through O2's webchat on o2.co.uk or by calling us directly 01707 648 070. This can take up to 24 hours to take effect.  Please note this is only applicable to lines that were opted-in to spend caps upon signing the contract. 

How do spend caps affect roaming?

Customers will be able to make and receive calls and texts and use data. Charges will all count towards their Spend Cap.  These out-of-bundle charges may mean that their Spend Cap will be used up more quickly than it would if you were at home or travelling in O2's Europe Zone. For more information on travelling outside of the O2 Eurozone or purchasing appropriate bundles or roaming without a spend cap, please contact your Pneuma Account Manager.



Any chargeable usage outside of the monthly allowance or purchased bolt-ons can now be covered by an O2 spend cap. These charges include:

  • Additional calls, texts and data usage.

  • Calling and texting non-geographical or premium rate numbers aside from those premium rate numbers relating to charities which sit outside your Spend Cap, as set out below.

  • Calling and texting any international number from the UK.

  • Calling and texting any number outside of our Europe Zone when you’re in O2's Europe Zone (excluding the UK).

  • Calling, texting and using data when you’re in a country which is outside of O2's Europe Zone.

  • Calling directory enquiry services.

  • The charge you pay to O2 for accessing any third party services.

  • Any charity donations made from your phone. 



Charges that cannot be capped include:

  • Recurring charges for the Airtime Plan, Device Plan, and insurance.

  • The price for purchasing a Bolt On which you opt-in to e.g. Rest Of World Pass.

  • Any charges relating to the management of your account which includes, but is not limited to, paper bills, itemised paper bills and late payment fees.

  • Any charges for third party services (our access fees for these services are however covered in your Spend Cap as set out above).

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