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A new OFCOM regulation called the Digital Economy Act took effect on the 1st October 2018. This regulation states that mobile service providers are now required to give business customers the option to Opt-in or Opt-Out of setting a spend cap on their Account. 

This regulation is intended to aid customers in managing their monthly bills and control what end users can (and cannot!) do. When entering into a contract or renewal with a Mobile Service Provider you now need to Opt-in or Opt out of the new spend cap - if  you're connecting after October 1st 2018. 


From the 1st of October all new and upgrading Small business and Corporate EE customers will automatically be asked if they want to set data caps before signing a contract.

However if you are an in-life customer, we can still apply the data caps to take effect from the date you request. If you don’t advise us to apply a cap you will be automatically opted-out until we renew you. On EE these caps can subsequently be added, removed or changed throughout the duration of your contract (for other network's policies please contact us).

The data caps for SME customers range from £5-£200 and  can be set for individual users across your account - giving you the flexibility to tailor the cap to your individual user's needs. Please note that on a sharer plan individual user's allowance cannot be capped however a cap can be placed on the overall account. 



It's important to note that not everything will be covered by the caps. However some things that are covered include:

  • UK voice calls, text messages and picture messages 

  • UK data run on rates

  • Calling abroad from the UK

  • Roaming voice, text and data

  • Access charges to premium numbers and numbers beginning with 09, 118, 083, 084, 085, 087, 070

  • Premium rate texts sent from your mobile

  • Call divert charges

  • Calls via text relay

  • Calls to 123

  • Calls to bypass services 07744 and 07755

  • Paging services

  • Calls to satellite numbers and planes

Each month, on the date your bill cycle refreshes, your spend cap will also refresh. During the month each user will receive an SMS at 80% when they are close to their limit, and 100% once reached. Once a user reaches their limit they can still use their phone but anything that would have been covered as an out of allowance cost they will be unable to perform. 


 There are still some charges that cannot be capped. These will still appear on your invoice every month:

  • Monthly plan charges, and other recurring charges

  • Purchasing one-off data passes

  • Buying add-ons or extras, like extra minutes, BT Sport, Apple Music, or any purchase made via charge to mobile

  • Service charges for premium numbers and numbers beginning with 09, 118, 083, 084, 085, 087, 070

  • Premium rate texts you receive

  • Insurance

  • Admin fees

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